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Covering different ways to save money, as well as the right ways on saving money and managing your finances without actually venturing into exerting effort to earn money. Generally, there are three different types of income – active, passive, and semi-passive. This article tells their differences, how they all work, and which of them would suit you passive income ideas .

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The Three Types of Income Explained

First, the active income is the most common source of income, which requires an exchange of time for money – more work, more money. One good thing here is that you know exactly what you will get for your time. If you want more income, all you have to do is to work more or get a raise.

Second is the passive Income, which initially takes work to start, but will continue making money even when you aren’t working – hence its appeal. The good thing here is that you’ll have more free time and have a long-lasting source of income. You can even have multiple streams to earn more.

Last is the semi-passive income, a combination of both active and passive. The income will continue to make money when you aren’t working, but it requires some maintenance. The good thing here is you’ll have more free time, and if you would spend some extra time with managing it, you will begin to see greater returns, particularly higher income.

What Type of Generating Income Suits You?

Given the differences between the three types, it should be now clear to you what type would suit you best. It should depend on your lifestyle, time availability, and financial needs. You can even adopt more than one type if it suits your time and lifestyle. In the end, you will surely earn in no time.