Do you think that your home needs a back boiler? For some people who have no idea what this machine is, here’s a little recap. Back boiler is a heating machine which is installed in your home in able to provide heat to the house or for central heating like hot water in your shower.

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Back boiler typically installed behind gas or electric fireplaces. This device is made way back the 60’s as essential appliances in every home due to inclement weather new boiler cost. In other words, most houses have back boiler but as it aged, it will require replacement.

Back Boiler Replacement

Back boiler typically fitted permanently by installer thus if there are cases that it needs to fix or replaced you will surely needs an expert assistance. Yes, there are back boiler that needs to be replace or upgrade. Old boiler must be renew by a modern one in order for you and your family to feel comfortable. So, if you are planning for a back boiler replacement, read below to know more.

Removing/Replacing the Entire Back Boiler

Like what we have just mentioned, back boiler is tucked away behind the structure of the fireplace and chimney. Which means that, replacing it with a new one require you to have the fireplace dismantle and rebuilt. Part of your home will be remove especially the floor area.

Cost of Back Boiler Replacement

Obviously, back boiler replacement requires man power. It needs a lot of work when it removed, in fact, it is the most expensive installation wherein you need to prepare more than £3,500-£4,500 or depending on the firm’s rate. Some services offer low cost deal but normally it cost a lot to others.

New boiler installation naturally expensive but again, since it needs a lot of hard work and man power, you better prepared or set a budget for your back boiler replacement.