Everyone has some bad experiences in his life.

It is not important how can you avoid these bad experiences; the more important thing is how you can bring the courage to fight these bad incidences. One great way to learn to fight this battle is through reading the stories shared by other people. On internet, you will find multiple places where you can read the stories from the life of other people and can gain the advantage of healing your own pains and sorrows by finding ways through life experiences of other people. On internet, you will find direct sources where you can read the personal blogs of people and on the other hand there are many anonymous blog where people come and share their stories without exposing their names. This is the best way to publish a story because sometimes experiences are not that good to share with your own name and in this regard, the best thing you can do is to share the story of your life without sharing your name and personal details. There is a great importance of sharing your story, as it will help other people to resolve their issues of the same nature. They might find a courage through your story and get different ideas on how to deal with the particular situation click here for more info :- http://thedoe.com/.

Is it always related to emotions?

It is not necessary to share the stories which are related to emotions only. You can share the story of your financial loss and this might help other business individuals to learn how to avoid those mistakes which you committed in your financial career.

Writing stories is a great way to come out of depression and help other people at the same time. The Doe is a great platform to share your stories without exposing the personal details and helping people who are dealing with the problems of same nature.